May 24

Just a guest getting my voice out

Hi its me again! I’m back! So I am a guest blogger on THIS blog. ( Click on the link to see) I am talking about Personalized learning on my teachers blog. I think its a great opportunity to get my voice heard. My challenge for you is to do something like this to get your voice heard

May 20

Hello and that is all I got…

Hello! I am running out of ideas!!!!! This is not good this is not good at all!! I mean all I got is my birthday is in 2 days but that is not really that exciting. its just a day of the year for most people is a normal day I just need some time to think of ideas. My guest writer is mad at me.. Don’t know why but they are so no more of that I’ll find someone new though. Goodbye that is all I got.

May 13

Lovin’ the camp vibes..😎

Hello! And welcome back to Life in Colors! I haven’t been posting in a while but hello! In the past times I haven’t posted I have gone to camp, I have had strep. And that’s about it… Ok but cmp was GREAT!!! It was so much fun to do all the activities!!! The food was not the beast but that’s ok!! I made some new friends named Julie and Sydney. Basically My grade wen to a camp with another 5th grade but at a different school in my district that I will go to school with in middle and high school with. My counselors were SO NICE!! I loved them both! There names were Brooke and Linlee. I loved Camp Kern! Hope to be a counselor i high school!



April 29

SOL not much time!

Tomorrow is the last day of slice of life!! I have loved this experience if I have the chance I will definitely do it! I will try to get some new pictures in here I have not done that in FOREVER!! I also hope to get my guest author in here  soon!


April 25

SOL welcome back!

Welcome back to Life In Colors! So today I’ll talk about how I got my blog name. So the day day came back sometime in 2018 we had just started learning and building our blogs. So we were deciding names. My gave like 5-6 examples. Some of them were  Step By Step,  Just Turn The Page, and A secret in a page. Well on of those was Pages in Color. So I got the idea for My Life In Colors: One Step at a Time. That’s the full name but I usually abbreviate it to Life In Colors just so its quicker to type! Oh! One more thing before  I go! Be sure to check out   Storium ! It is a fun and educational writing game!


April 23

Slice Of Life

Hello!! Once again!!! I am back in school and struggling to get back to real life. So for the past 4 days my phone I guess could not post my posts and I am sorry about that! Have a nice day!